Automotive Industry

Asynchronous motors for electric and hybrid vehicles

Innovative projects at the service of transport

In a sector where innovation truly makes the difference, Electro Adda sets itself apart through highly efficient personalised motor projects for applications where the battery size and the autonomy of the vehicle are crucial.

Examples of this consist in the ultra-light equipment, with reduced sizes, tailor-made for last generation scooters or for paragliders, based on solutions where the high efficiency, as attested by university bodies, engenders excellent performances precisely in terms of autonomy of movement.

Electro Adda cooperates with Italian and international engineering teams by placing itself at the forefront even within the field of the automotive industry and in constantly expanding segments, such as electric vehicles for agricultural purposes and tractors used in closed environments like greenhouses.

Ve-a series

Asynchronous motors for electric and hybrid vehicles

VE-A, the Automotive motor series, is a special series with high performances in terms of efficiency. These motors work in low voltage (on customer’s request, motors with different voltages can be designed), from 24V to 144V battery, AC, for a total safety; they are capable of interfacing with hybrid systems.

The VE-A - line - manufactured with recyclable materials - has an extremely high power and torque density, which makes the motor significantly light.

Power 1 kW - 100 kW
Torque 10 Nm - 280 Nm
Voltage 24 V - 144 V
Max speed 14.000 RPM
Max efficiency 96,5%