General manufacturing programme for most industries

When sturdiness, reliability, quality lifetime durability matters the most

Electro Adda specialises in manufacturing brake motors suitable for multiple applications and for any situation where the production process requires fast and safe braking solutions, as in the case of hoisting and packaging systems.

C Series

Squirrel cage Three-phase asynchronous motors

CA Series
Aluminium frame
Power 0,05÷250 kW
Frame sizes 63÷355 LT

CS Series
Steel frame
Power 250÷1200 kW
Frame sizes 355 L÷500

TA Series
Aluminium frame
Power 0,06÷11 kW
Frame sizes 56÷132

EG Series
Cast iron frame
Power 3÷315 kW
Frame sizes 132÷355
Insulation Class F
Efficiency class IE2/IE3/IE4
2, 4, 6, 8 pole motors and multi speed motors
Protection degree - cooling:
• IP 55 - IC 411 self-ventilated
• IP 55 - IC 416 forced ventilation
Suitable for inverter supply
IEC60034-1 Standards
UL/CSA Certification on request
EAC (GOST TR CU) Certification on request (Motors CA-CS)
Motors available also in the ATEX ZONE 22 version