Civil and military shipbuilding industry

Quality tailor-made solutions for shipyards

Since the 1970’s Electro Adda has been a trusted partner and confidential supplier to major international Navies’ globally. Providing shock proof stress resistant, tailor-made solutions and other types above and below decks to military, merchant marine, cruise ships, yachts, and oil platforms throughout the world.

TH-MAR Series

Squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motors for marine applications

Zone 1; Group II (IIA-IIB);
Category 2G, T3, T4, T5
Zone 2; Group II;
Category 3G, T3
Power 0,25÷22 kW
Frame sizes 71÷180

PE - Ex-d Ex-de SERIES
Zone 1; Group II (IIA-IIB-IIC);
Category 2G, T3, T4
Zone 2; Group II (IIA-IIB-IIC);
Category 3G, T3, T4
Power 0,09÷400 kW
Frame sizes 63÷355X

Insulation Class F
Protection degree IP 55
Cooling type IC 411 self-ventilated
Suitable for inverter supply